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Foundation Training Defined

Understanding Foundation Training

Let’s say you’ve completed a physical therapy program prescribed by your doctor after an injury to your back and it just didn’t seem to give you…

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation May Improve Well Being

When it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the doctors and staff here at Restoration Healthcare will always be the first to advocate for proper exercise,…

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Understanding The 5 Steps to Optimal Health

Our team of doctors and medical support staff went to great lengths to design a customized five-step approach for a healthier lifestyle that we call the…

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Understanding Vitamin B12 Injections

No doubt about it, there’s lots of confusion over the usefulness and benefits of Vitamin B12 injections. So we think a short primer is in order…

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Restoration Healthcare Is Now Blogging

Welcome to the Restoration Healthcare blog, the official blog of functional medicine in Southern California. If this is your first time here, we’re excited you’re stopping…

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Your best health begins with a conversation! Our office is centrally located (very close to John Wayne Airport — between the 405 and 73, just off of Jamboree). And with late office hours (we're open until 6pm most weeknights), we're here when you need us!

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