Understanding Foundation Training

Foundation Training Irvine, CA

Let’s say you’ve completed a physical therapy program prescribed by your doctor after an injury to your back and it just didn’t seem to give you complete resolution. A well-intended therapist ran you through some exercises, couldn’t always be there to make sure you were doing them correctly and there was no clear goal or time frame. This may have gone on for many months or more.

To this day, you occasionally do a few of those exercises at home, but to tell the truth, the best remedy you’ve found so far is standing in the shower — running hot water on your lower back until some flexibility reenters your life.

We have a better idea. We want you to embrace the concept of Foundation Training as a “disruptive innovation” that enables you to break the cycle of long-term physical therapy, returning instead to a higher level of activity where other rehab models have failed.

Our own staff believes Foundation Training is the most efficient rehab model around, and Dr. Bakman himself says it’s the best that he has used in 27 years of practice, and it’s not complicated or pretentious. In fact, we do away with all the bells and whistles and present a program that relies on you, your breathing and your movement.

Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training gets you to a higher level of physical function through “movement improvement.” By design, this set of poses helps you correct damage done to your body’s movement system and helps you overcome the aches and pains associated with muscle or nerve damage.

The poses help you to “feel good” through the release of serotonin — which, naturally, is the feel-good brain neurotransmitter. And… Foundation Training employs vagal stimulation.

What Foundation Training does is offer you specific low-impact poses and movements that improve balance and strengthen the body. That sounds similar to yoga, but the difference is this: Foundation Training makes you better and stronger at in all facets of your daily l life including in every physical activity you do.

Some of staff here at Restoration Healthcare is certified in Foundation Training, and more important, they are active participants in your health. We will patiently take you through the poses, showing you a series of postures and movements that are all targeted at giving your muscles a kick start and then making all of your physical movements graceful, efficient, powerful and balanced.

Standing in the shower with hot water running down your back is not a viable solution to your pain. We’re in the middle of a years-long drought here in Southern California! Do your part by coming in for a visit and give our focus on Foundation Training a test drive.