Linus Pauling Might Have Had it Right About Vitamin C

Linus Pauling Might Have Had it Right About Vitamin C

Linus-Pauling-PhotoCritics are brutal in their disavowal of Dr. Linus Pauling’s lifelong contention that high doses of Vitamin C are effective against colds and other illnesses. Pauling wrote in 1970 that 1,000 mg of Vitamin C — ingested daily and for life — could curtail the common cold by 45 percent. He later updated that announcement by adding flu to the ailments prevented or curtailed by an infusion of C, and in 1979 wrote a book claiming the vitamin might be effective against cancer.

While lauding his two unshared Nobel prizes for chemistry and peace, many medical practitioners and nutritional scientists said Pauling should stick to chemistry and leave pharmacology to the experts. Despite a personal diet of 12,000 mg of Vitamin C daily, critics point to Pauling’s onset of prostate cancer and subsequent death as proof of the ineffective nature of “C.” However, before his death — at the age of 93 — Pauling said his daily regimen successfully delayed the cancer for two decades.

In the 21 years since his death, research into the properties of Vitamin C suggest Pauling was onto something big. At UCLA, for example, researchers claim many degenerative diseases involve oxidation; and they point to Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. Another study at UCLA showed that men with heart disease lived six years longer on a regimen of 800 mg of Vitamin C a day.

And yet another study involving more than 11,000 senior citizens found that those taking increased levels of vitamins C and E improved their mortality rate by more than 40 percent.

Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, who founded in 1997 — among the world’s top natural health resource sites — recently published a blog entry on his site outlining the history of Linus Pauling and his crusade for Vitamin C. The post also includes an 18-minute video of Pauling’s life — including interviews with critics. Mercola then presents his contention that Vitamin C is a valuable tool in the treatment of disease.

We here at Restoration Healthcare strongly urge you to read Was Linus Pauling Right About Vitamin C’s Curative Powers After All? … watch the video, come to your own conclusions and then talk with us here at Restoration Healthcare about how we can help you achieve the health of your dreams.