Laser Fat Loss: Zerona Z6 Laser Delivers a Paleo Solution

Laser Fat Loss: Zerona Z6 Laser Delivers a Paleo Solution

A lot of patients ask us if a non-invasive laser fat treatment protocol is right for them. In addition to asking if such an approach to weight loss is recommended, they also want to know if participating in this type of treatment is going to complement their Restoration Healthcare plan of care.

Why are so many people now interested in non-invasive laser treatment protocols? Taking a step back for a moment, a relatively new theory is gaining traction to explain the increasing prevalence in modern society of chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disorders, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and psychiatric illnesses and disorders.


The theory is that humans, who evolved to survive and thrive in nature, are poorly adapted to live in today’s manufactured environment — an environment characterized by high levels of environment toxins, sedentary lifestyles, processed foods, excessive use of digital devices, and emotional and psychological stress.

Early humans didn’t have to exercise daily, because they expended so much effort and energy just trying to survive — hunting, gathering, or farming; building and maintaining shelters; designing and producing their own clothing; finding clean water and transporting it back to their camps or villages; and so on. They ate nutrient-rich, organic foods because that’s all they had. They drank only or mostly fresh water. They probably engaged in intermittent fasting, not by choice, but by the fact that food could often be scarce. Although they probably were exposed to some environmental toxins, air and water pollution wasn’t a problem, and early humans discovered ways to avoid the worst environmental toxins. And they probably experienced very little emotional or psychological stress.

Most of us in developed countries now live in a world of excess; working jobs that require little to no physical activity; consuming calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods and beverages; and living and working in highly toxic environments as a result of air and water pollution, toxic mold, cleaning products (for both home and clothing), toxins in building materials and furniture, and increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Many of us feel “stressed out” over work, relationship issues, or life in general. When we feel ill, we sometimes take pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter medications, which can cause or contribute to other health problems.

This anthropological explanation for the deteriorating health in modern society makes sense. Unfortunately, modern medicine’s focus on eliminating illness or suppressing symptoms has merely succeeded in extending longevity, not in making us any healthier. Whenever a country becomes more developed, we see a decline in mortality rates accompanied by an increased incidence of chronic illness.

Fortunately, modern society has given birth to a technology that may resolve the damage caused by modern diet and lifestyle — low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which can help the body eliminate excess fat along with other related substances that could be contributing to chronic disease or dysfunction.

Issues in Your Tissues

Here at Restoration Healthcare, we operate according to a number of fundamental premises, one of which is that we hold our issues in our tissues.

When we have excess fat — even as little as five pounds more than we truly need — these fat cells store not only excess fat but also a “cell memory” of dysfunction. The greater the excess fat, the more deficiencies we have, and the harder it is for our body to maintain optimum metabolism — our fat-burning machine. As a result, our bodies burn fat less efficiently failing to provide us with the energy we need for peak function.

With the technological advances of laser light health systems, we now have access to an external fat burning tool to complement our metabolism and improve energy mobilization. Our light therapy program, the Zerona Z6 Laser Treatment, erradicates fat cells with red light, liquifying the fatty content contained in the cells. The laser stimulation also disrupts the membrane of fat cells. This disruption induces the formation of a transitory pore that causes the fatty material of the cell to seep out and move into the interstitial space regulated by the lymphatic system, where the body can begin to flush it.

Zerona Z6 Laser Treatment requires eight to ten 40-minute treatments over the course of about 28 days.

Four Kinds of Fat Cells

Research shows there are four kinds of fat cells — two are structural and supportive and the other two hold toxins and repressed memory; for example, a memory of diet or lifestyle the body has been subjected to over extended periods of time.

As the metabolism begins to reset, and toxins and repressed memory are released from the fat cells, unresolved issues can be activated as a disruptive stress spreads across the body’s systems and functions. As a result, the body experiences a sense of loss along with the loss of physical weight and inches. During this time, we work on reprogramming the body’s psychology to provide the support needed to cope with the sense of loss and replace unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices with healthy ones.


This is an adaptive phase of the program when two systems are interacting:

  • The current, unhealthy operating system based on programmed habits and enforced disciplines by the limbic brain.
  • The new, metabolic reboot or correction of the endocrine system — particularly the liver — which is now able to process fats efficiently through its companion organs (the pancreas and the gall bladder) along with cholesterol.

Rather than ignore or repress the psychological distress that occurs during this process, we help the patient become more aware of them, creating an “aware quake” of understanding that is resolved rather than pushed back down.

Our Zerona Z6 Laser Treatment protocol includes several complementary treatments to ease the transition, including the following:

  • Education to increase awareness of how repressed emotions are stored in the body and the role they play in causing weight gain
  • Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy
  • Coaching to adopt healthier behavioral changes
  • Personal accountability to ensure commitment to a sustainable lifestyle skill set

This combination of interventions fully resets, restores, and regenerates the body’s metabolic function to bring it in perfect attunement to each person’s core health and functional and cognitive needs.

Reset It and Forget It

Once reset, fat cells become essential to the health of your body’s day-to-day functioning. When relieved of toxins and abnormal fats, fat cells help stimulate our mitochondria, enhance ATP production and protein synthesis, reduce pain and inflammation, regulate the metabolism, support the immune system, produce hormones and proteins, and assist the liver in continuous removal of fats and toxins.

The Zerona Z6 Laser Light therapy program aids the body in the safe release of fatty content stored in our fat cells and helps to safely transport removal through the lymphatic system while rebalancing the parasympathetic nervous system and microcirculation of blood and lymph.

Reaching our physiological energetic balance point and detoxifying our fat cells for our body’s innate sense of homeostasis is just the beginning of a reset necessary for a healthier, lighter, livelier new you for 2020. As a result of treatment, your true genetic disposition is restored. Your body is returned to the way it was meant to be, and you will eat, move, and feel your optimum self, well-fed and well-loved — the core functionality of our essential well-being.

If you’re interested in finding out of if our Zerona Z6 Laser Treatment is right for you, please call our Patient Service Specialist, Erin Sundberg, at (949) 535-2322, ext. 1, or email Erin at erinsundberg at rhealthc dot com.