Announcing The Winter 2016 14-Day Detox Challenge

14 Day Detox Challenge

If you’re ready to eat healthy, feel awesome and lose weight, have we’ve got some good news for you! It’s not too late to start the New Year off on a healthy note. That’s because starting the day after Super Bowl® 50 (Monday, Feb. 8), we’re offering everyone the opportunity to participate in our next 14-Day Detox Challenge.

Give us 14 days (from Feb. 8-21) and follow our medical team’s directions, and we’ll give you back a healthier, leaner body. How? By gently and slowly supporting the process of metabolic detoxification — a process that results in improving health and reducing the risk to chronic disease.


Let’s face it; we live in an ever-increasingly toxic environment. Many of the toxins entering our bodies are abundant in the environment around us and simply did not exist just 30 years ago. They include pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals that enter the body through food, water and air. These toxins can and often do become trapped in the body’s organs and tissues, which over time can negatively impact our health, vitality, and overall wellness, and may even contribute to the development of chronic illness.

Our 14-Day Detox Challenge is built from the ground up to be simple to complete, effective in its outcome, and without concern for safety. By supporting the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification, toxins can be safely and effectively cleansed from the body, all under the supervision of the medical team here at Restoration Healthcare.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what previous Challenge participants have to say about our 14-day program:

During the Challenge (from May 7-20) I lost 10 pounds (this, despite a four-day trip to Pennsylvania to see our son and his family where I couldn’t stick my walking program). Normally I take a brisk 30-minute walk with one of my dogs in the morning each day and then another, longer, five-mile walk most evenings. At the end of the competition, my body fat went from 22.2 percent to 20 percent. My visceral fat area went from 99.1 to 87. As a result of my new resolve, I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds since February.” — Doug Wukawitz, 65, from Costa Mesa

Here’s what another previous 14-Day Detox Challenge participant told us:

I came in to see Dr. Raleigh for some swelling I was experiencing around my neck and she did a basic check-up on me as well. My blood work revealed some scary stuff. I had very high triglyceride levels. So she let me know I had to make a change. I knew I was a bit overweight but I didn’t know it was that bad. This all just happened to coincide with the start of the Fall 2015 14-Day Detox Challenge. My wife Jennifer, who was extremely supportive, thought it would be a good thing for us to try since I needed to change up my diet drastically. So we accepted the challenge. During the 14-day challenge I lost a total of 15 pounds, and reduced my body fat percentage by four points. — Joe Garza, 44, from Irvine

Participating in the upcoming challenge is easy. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Call our office before Friday, Feb. 5: (949) 535-2322.
  2. Tell the receptionist you’d like to sign up for the Winter 2016 14-Day Detox Challenge.
  3. Schedule a time to pick up your Detox Challenge kit and receive your FREE Body Composition Analysis Test.
  4. Save the date of February 22 on your calendar — that’s for the celebration we’ll be having for all participants once the Challenge ends.

The cost to participate in the Winter 2016 Restoration healthcare Detox Challenge is just $157, and includes the following:

  • 14-day supply of meal replacements
  • 14-day supply of vitamins
  • 2 body composition tests
  • 2-week discounted membership with Perspire Sauna Studio (Costa Mesa)
  • Raffle tickets for prizes (awarded during the Detox Celebration on 2/22)
  • Access to Restoration Healthcare’s medical team during the Challenge

What have you got to lose, aside from nasty toxins and weight? Call us today to enroll: (949) 535-2322.