And The Winner Is…Meet The Winner of Our First 14-Day Detox Challenge


We recently hosted our first 14-Day Detox Challenge, during which client contestants raced against a two-week clock to cleanse their bodies of impurities and show the most improved body composition at the end of the competition.

Contestants participated in a two-phase detox process between May 7-20, 2015, that included the use of a comprehensive, doctor-supervised Paleo nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. And the winner, who you’ll meet below, received a brand new iPad Mini!

Following final body composition testing on our in-house state-of-the-art InBody 770 machine, the winner was announced — Doug Wukawitz, a 65-year-old Costa Mesa resident.


Meet Doug and learn about his keys to success in coordination with the medical staff here at Restoration Healthcare:

Restoration HealthCare: What do you do for work?

Doug Wukawitz: I am an electrician working on beautiful custom estates in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Newport Coast.

RH: Are you married, and do you have children?

Doug: I am married to my beautiful wife, Therese. We have three grown children — a son and two daughters. We also have two amazing grandchildren.  

RH: Why did you join the 14-Day Detox Challenge?

Doug: I decided to start the 14-Day Detox Challenge initially because my wife asked me to. But, in reality I started because we had been reading about other Paleo diet plans to lose weight and become healthier. During the research it became more apparent that the food we were currently eating was quite possibly the source of some of the problems I was having. Slowly we began to make changes in our diet and noticed the weight coming off. When Therese told me about the Challenge it seemed like the right way to really kick-start the new changes that had been made already.

RH: How much weight did you lose during the 14 days and how did your body composition change over that same period of time?

Doug: During the Challenge (from May 7-20) I lost 10 pounds (this, despite a four-day trip to Pennsylvania to see our son and his family where I couldn’t stick my walking program). Normally I take a brisk 30-minute walk with one of my dogs in the morning each day and then another, longer, five-mile walk most evenings. At the end of the competition, my body fat went from 22.2 percent to 20 percent. My visceral fat area went from 99.1 to 87. As a result of my new resolve, I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds since February.

RH: What do you think was the key to your winning?

Doug: The key to my success in the 14-Day Detox Challenge was walking faithfully and not deviating from the food plan. I really stuck to the two shakes and one meal a day with very occasional snacks such as a small handful of nuts.

RH: What are your health and fitness objectives and how is Restoration Healthcare helping you meet them?

Doug: In the future my weight goal is 185 pounds. I would like to get my body fat to 15 percent and stay fit overall. Restoration Healthcare and Dr. Raleigh have given me the outlook that by staying lean and eating healthy, I can enjoy a longer and healthier life. Restoration Healthcare has helped me realize that what I eat and what I do can help me accomplish my objectives. The tests and InBody scan provide me with concrete measurable knowledge of my progress, which encourages me and helps me stay on track.

RH: What advice would you give to someone participating in our next 14-Day Detox Challenge?

Doug: I would tell them give it a try; stay on track with the plan. Remember to exercise regularly. Give yourself a chance to learn more about your body, because you deserve to be healthy and happy too. Listen to the advice that Dr. Raleigh and Dr. Bakman offer. They are very well educated in their fields and genuinely care about all their patients. They offer a proactive approach to healthcare that makes sense in today’s world.

Thanks, Doug, for answering our questions and being such an inspiration. Your results are both amazing and replicable under the care of a team like ours here at Restoration Healthcare.

Our next 14-Day Detox Challenge is set to get underway in mid-August. Imagine capping off your summer by entering the Back to School season 10-15 pounds leaner. As you saw above, all of that and more are within your reach. If you want to be among the first to know about enrolling in the next Challenge, subscribe to the Restoration Healthcare eNewsletter today!