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InBody Logo 2014-01 Body Composition Testing is available to anyone who visits our office. We use the InBody 770 Body Composition Analysis device to establish markers important to you and critical to the team here at Restoration Healthcare as we strive to understand your body composition and how much progress you’ve made — or need to make — on your journey to fitness and optimal health. Body composition testing is also an important part of Step 1 in the Restoration Healthcare Program.

If you suffer from simple, moderate or complex medical conditions, using our state-of-the-art InBody 770 device will aid us in properly diagnosing and treating your ailments.

The InBody 770 offers the most up-to-date technology for help in determining the exact causes of pain as well as associated symptoms. It precisely analyzes your body composition, allowing the team here at Restoration Healthcare to craft the most appropriate and personalized health, exercise, and nutrition plan you’ve ever seen. And that, in turn, facilitates a healthy lifestyle that’s easy for you to maintain.

InBody 770 Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 770 is a leading device in the field of body composition analysis. Its patented technology performs a non-invasive test while you simply stand on the equipment for less than a minute.

The analyzer produces detailed results, including

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis
  • Obesity Analysis (BMI)
  • Lean Balance
  • Visceral Fat Area
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • And much more

The InBody 770 also provides phase angle measurements. This calculation indicates overall health by evaluating vitality at the cellular level. A phase angle is based on reactance and total body resistance and is used to predict the course of disease.

Low-phase angles are consistent with poor cell integrity and an increased outcome of energy deficiency, malnutrition and illness. Higher-phase angles reflect healthy cell function and the ability to maintain optimal health with proper diet and exercise. A phase angle of four to seven is considered within normal range. A phase angle of six or greater is ideal for men and five or greater is preferred for women.

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If you’re ready to have your body composition precisely analyzed, contact us today. Using the advanced InBody system, we will monitor your body and keep fluctuations in check. This is among the most cost-efficient, non-invasive — and fastest body composition analysis options available.

Staying healthy has never been more “in.” Call our office at (949) 535-2322 to schedule an appointment and see if the InBody 770 is for you.

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