Understanding The 5 Steps to Optimal Health

Understanding The 5 Steps to Optimal Health

Our team of doctors and medical support staff went to great lengths to design a customized five-step approach for a healthier lifestyle that we call the 5 Steps to Optimal Heath (or that you might like to call our “five categories of care”).

The end goal for all of us at Restoration Healthcare is to help you overcome chronic health issues and/or sports-related injuries and become stronger, more active and a genuinely happy and fit person. In other words: Optimal Health!

Our personalized approach (see the graphic below) means that 100 percent of our attention is focused on your recovery, and we don’t do that by giving you a bunch of prescriptions for pain, sluggishness or depression. Instead, we discover what it is that is causing that pain or symptom and we work like police detectives to uncover the culprit culpable for that condition (whether it’s chronic or not).

5 Steps to Optimal health

And this is where our five-step approach comes into play. Performing any task one step at a time not only insures a thorough and concise resolution, it also makes the process more palatable and easier to complete. You do one step and boom — you move onto the next step set out before you.

Better still, you’re not performing any of these steps in a vacuum. You’ve got a knowledgeable, cheerful team behind you all the way, describing why each test or task is necessary and prodding you on those rare occasions when you have second thoughts and start thinking that maybe you overreached on all this health stuff.

Below are those five steps — and as you’ll see for yourself, they’re in order for a reason:

Step 1. Assessment & Targeted Goal Planning

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The objective here is to reset your physiology back to the point where you were the healthiest. Remember those days? We first perform a blood tests, then a body composition test. We then create a medical history and take a peek at what’s going on with your body. We’re specifically looking for deficiencies in your body’s makeup — things like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Then we meet with you and outline a custom game plan to restore your health.

Step 2. Use Science to Create a “Bridge” to a Healthier Lifestyle

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This is where the real work begins — a 30- to 90-day program that is intended to rectifying any chronic inflammation issues you might be experiencing. The tools we’ve found most successful include detoxification, intravenous nutrient therapy, supplementation, medical weight loss protocols, safe allergy treatment and possibly prescribed medications. This is one area where we are known as the specialists of record.

Step 3. Restore Functional & Biochemical Stability

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One thing a prescription won’t fix is bad posture or poor core muscles. These are things that you can overcome, and since they require a little instruction in order to achieve improved physical health, it’s something we can address at anytime you’re under our care (not just here in Step 3). If you’ve quit exercising because of pain, we can show you ways to strengthen overlooked and forgotten core muscles, which in turn reduces backaches, neck aches and other physical ailments. And with us, that doesn’t mean pumping iron or running a marathon. Simple exercises that show immediate results are what we choose to focus on. A lot of people in physical therapy and personal training have made the word “core” their mantra. That’s all well and good. Sadly, the vast majority of them know little to nothing about the main postural system of your body-posterior chain. We do, and during Step 3 we’ll have your muscles moving more efficiency — but most important, moving. And if necessary, we’ll be continuing with some or all of the biochemical tools used in Step 2.

Step 4. Reinforce Better Lifestyle Changes

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By this step you’ll be seeing incredible improvements. In fact, you’ll have almost forgotten about those episodes of misery. Simple changes will be made to your game plan, because as you improve, new tactics need to be instilled. In other words, you’re improving your health and need additional challenges. It’s at this point that you’ll remember us telling you the “best medicine is lifestyle changes.” And maybe for the first time, that prediction will make perfect sense to you.

Step 5. Graduate and Monitor

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Here, you’ve reached the point where we become your cheerleaders, encouraging you to keep up the good work. You’re stronger, the pain is gone or subdued, chronic inflammation is history, and you’re much more active than when you first arrived in our lobby. Our task now is to continue checkups, answer your questions and offer advice.

Ultimately, we want to be able to say, “Congratulations, you’ve attained some pretty impressive health objectives and goals.” Because really, in an odd sort of way, nothing would make us happier than to see you less often in our office. As members of the same community, we’d much rather bump into you at the beach, on the trail, at the starting line of a race, or out to dinner with family and friends.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and the 5 Steps to Optimal Health is here to help you get there as soon as possible!