Understanding MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis

Understanding MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis

The doctors and staff here at Restoration Healthcare are pretty excited about MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis (also known as genetic nutrition) — a new modality in medicine that allows us to directly combat chronic disease by understanding and addressing a patient’s highly specific DNA with targeted nutrition.

It all starts with a saliva test that’s processed by 23andMe, a Silicon Valley genetics-testing firm that deals with consumers by email and snail mail. Once your test results are made available, we help you analyze them, and then we go one step further by building for you a custom plan that addresses your specific genetic flaws (although “generic variation” might be a kinder way of saying it) through targeted nutrition (i.e., MethylGenetic Nutrition).

MethylGenetic Nutrition

To get started, you need only visit https://www.23andme.com, where you’ll order a saliva collection kit, which arrives in less than a week. Then you simply spit into the tube provided, register the sample online, and send the package back to the laboratory in a prepaid mailer.

In about six to eight weeks, 23andMe will send you the results of the DNA testing via your pre-established email account. Once you log in, you’ll be able to discover some interesting things the DNA test reveals about you. Some of the information is in the form of fun facts, like discovering where your ancestors originated, or the likelihood of blue eyes running in your family.

More important, the report can help you discover if you are a likely a carrier for an inherited disease or condition, or help you make more informed choices about your diet and exercise. However, discovering what genotyping says about you is a complicated mission and the mailed report can only divulge so much about your health issues. And that’s where the staff at Restoration Healthcare comes into the picture.

By using the information found in 23andMe’s report, combined with the expertise inherent in our staff of doctors — who we should add have access to special software that dives deeper into the information supplied by 23andme — we can analyze and then impart more about what the DNA says about you and more important, determine a plan of action for most any genetic variations found in the report.

One way to address genetic flaws is through the application of MethylGenetic Nutrition, which we translate to mean “targeted nutrition” or “genetic nutrition.” This premise is this:

No longer do we need to use the old medical practice of “treating an ailment” or issuing a prescription a la “take this for that.” Instead, MethylGenetic Nutrition offers us a new paradigm in medicine that is based on scientific principles found in biochemistry. Discarding the practice of bombarding the body with drugs, we go up the line to fortify genetic flaws and make your system work better. It’s all part of achieving optimal health, and it is MethylGenetic Nutrition analysis that plays a key role in the process.

Rather than suppressing or isolating a physical condition, genetic nutrition and MethylGenetic Nutrition instead focuses on discovering either a “nutrient deficiency” or an excess of a molecule that is toxic or harmful to the body. The testing and results from 23andme are where we start. As these deficiencies are fed nutrients through supplements or intravenous injection, or Chelation to remove toxins, we’re able to bring your body’s internal chemicals into balance.

This is the future of doctoring, says our founder, Dr. Tom Bakman. And, you may be surprised to learn, Restoration Healthcare doesn’t charge any additional fees for its genetic nutrition services, outside of the normal office visit charge that’s most likely already covered by insurance.

If you’re curious to know more about genetic nutrition or are ready to get started with a MethylGenetic Nutrition analysis of your own, call our office today at (949) 535-2322.