Spring 2022 Restoration Healthcare 14-Day Detox

Detox Program

If you’re ready to eat healthy, feel great, and lose weight, have we’ve got some good news for you!

The Spring 2022 Restoration Healthcare 14-Day Detox gets underway on Monday, March 21. If you’re feeling exhausted, dealing with excess stress, or find it difficult to lose weight, this 14-day detox is for you.


Give us 14 days (from March 21 – April 3) and follow our medical team’s directions, and we’ll give you back a healthier body. How? By gently supporting the process of metabolic detoxification — a process that results in improving health and reducing the risk to chronic disease.


Ready to sign up? Great! Call our office during business hours: (949) 535-2322


  • 14 Day Detox Kit
    • 2 detox-supportive meal replacement nutrition mixes per day (available in either chocolate or vanilla)
    • 14-day supply of medical-grade supplements (Alpha Base Multivitamins and PhytoCore Daily Supplement)
    • Blender bottle for meal replacements
    • Detailed handguide that includes meal recipes, grocery list, step-by-step instructions, information on why people detox, and the science behind detoxing
  • Access to a dedicated health coach to assist you throughout the 14-day program
  • Access to education on how to perform a medical detoxification for your body’s health and wellness
  • Access to the detox program’s private Facebook support group
    • Virtual community/forum to share experiences and tips
    • Daily inspiration
    • Recipes
  • For most past participants — reduction in symptoms, improved energy, and a feeling of awesomeness


  • ONLINE ORIENTATION: Join us on Monday evening, March 14, from 6:30-8pm online for a live orientation online — RSVP by calling (949) 535-2322.


To sign-up / reserve your kit for the Spring 2022 Restoration Healthcare 14-Day Detox, please call our office at (949) 535-2322.


Give me just the basics… what’s this detox program all about?

  • The 14-Day Detox is a kick-start for your entire body
  • Best of all, you get SUPPORT throughout the process
  • Interact with this season’s community and health coach

What are the dates of the program?

  • Online Orientation: Mon., March 14, 2022*
  • Start date: Mon., March 21, 2022
  • End date: Sun., April 3, 2022

*Online orientation delivered via Zoom. You’ll receive a Zoom link the morning of the orientation

This detox is a great place to start if?

  • You’re working through a chronic health condition
  • You have a sense that things just “aren’t right,” or “the way they used to be” / you feel icky (technical term!) and can’t figure out why
  • You need to hit the reset button on your habits and health
  • You want to make a health change but want some guidance and reliable information

Is the 14-day Detox Safe?

  • Our 14-day detox is a nutrition-based program that focuses on eating real food and optimizing nutrients to support liver function.
  • This type of detox is food-based and therefore very gentle, but effective.
  • Best of all — it’s medically supervised!

How can I get the most out of the detox?

  • Community:
    • Be active in the private Facebook support group
  • Self:
    • Set specific objectives and talk about them
    • Journal anything you notice or feel throughout
  • Learn:
    • Read posts on the Restoration Healthcare blog (at least one of the past posts per day)
  • Health:
    • Drink lots of water
    • Move at least once a day
    • Get some sun – go outside!

What are some of the potential benefits to participating in a medically supervised detox?

Some participants may experience:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved thyroid function
  • More energy – consistent energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Avoid the afternoon energy slump
  • Stable mood
  • Reduction in digestive issues
  • Less need to snack and binge
  • Decrease in anxiety


The cost is just $96.95 (for either chocolate or vanilla flavored kit).



Sign up today by calling our office during business hours: (949) 535-2322.

We’re here so you can live, work, grow and play pain-free. We work with you and on your behalf to help improve your current health, fitness, wellness, and more.

Hear About a New Level of Care and Compassion from Arabella

After being passed around from doctor-to-doctor and multiple emergency room visits, no one knew what was causing Arabella’s nerve, joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue and inability to walk. Was it multiple sclerosis? Was it Lyme Disease? What it something else? A friend’s recommendation led her to Restoration Healthcare, who confirmed it was Lyme Disease.

She describes the experience as being engaging with high standards of care from people who actually care about their patients. The clinic explored every aspect of Arabella’s health including nutritional status, hormone balance, immunity and even the emotional toll she and her family experienced prior to coming to Restoration Healthcare. “It’s a different level of compassion,” she says.

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