Restoration Healthcare’s 5-Step Program for Optimal Health

At Restoration Healthcare we partner with you to overcome chronic conditions that are plaguing you and explore and evaluate opportunities for you to not only live a long and healthy life, but to enjoy that healthier life starting now!

Our approach to doctoring is quite a bit different than that offered in most physician’s offices, where treating the symptom may be the medical staff’s only priority. That’s just not the case at Restoration Healthcare. What we do is work to discover the underlying issue or issues behind your pain or symptoms and then work our way back to the point where we discover what prompted those symptoms in the first place.

What we employ is a five-step program that we devised to get all of our clients and patients on board. That’s what we call teamwork. No faceless or nameless file or patient number. Instead, we’re exploring health issues together — as a team — in order to get you back on track.


If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, take a closer look at the five categories of care that make up the Restoration Healthcare Program:

Step 1. Assessment & Targeted Goal Planning

Like modern-day medical sleuths, we first identify and measure specific risk “markers” in your lab work, body composition and medical records. This includes a scientific assessment of potential vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies. After that, our staff creates a personalize game plan with the goal to restore optimal health. We do that by lowering risk factors, reducing or eliminating chronic disease, and raising your overall health profile. Simply put: We attempt to reset your physiology back to when you were in the prime of your life.

Step 2. Use Science to Create a “Bridge” to a Healthier Lifestyle

Much like a car battery, there are times when we need a jumpstart. We are experts at implementing specific 30- to 90-day programs that will get you back on track through detoxification, intravenous nutrient therapy, supplementation, safe allergy treatment and possibly prescribed medications. Also in Step 2, we work to reduce any chronic inflammation you may be experiencing inside your body. While the biochemistry of chronic inflammation inside your body (i.e., inflammatory cells) is complex, protecting yourself from it is one area in which we specialize.

Step 3. Restore Functional Stability

Most of our clients say right up front that they stopped an exercise program that was working because of pain. But our decades of experience tells us that poor primary stability is behind that breakdown, creating a low level of pain that keeps you from “efficient” and “enjoyable” exercise. Our objective here is to instruct and then equip you with primary stability tools you can add “good” exercise to your exercise regimen.

Step 4. Reinforce Better Lifestyle Changes

As you see your physical self improve — and you will be surprised at how quickly that occurs — your body “systems” become replenished. It’s at this point that you’ll begin to understand our concept that the “best medicine is lifestyle changes.” The light bulb will go off in your head and you’ll find yourself not only fully capable, but also entirely willing of making long-term and beneficial changes. And we’ll be alongside to answer any questions, provide new direction, and even cheer you on as you advance.

Step 5. Graduate and Monitor

Finally, we reach the stage where we monitor and modify the results with you, helping you explore and evaluate your new opportunities to live a more active, longer, healthier life. And as the long-term partner in your future, we’re going to be around to answer your questions and offer advice. Because, like we said, it’s a team effort.