Rebecca Maas

Rebecca Maas, Restoration Healthcare’s health coach, works with patients in alliance with our physicians to restore their vitality and support their own bodies’ ability to heal by using a combination of nutrition, detox, supplementation, and lifestyle interventions. Born in Princeton, N.J., she was raised in the Los Angeles area. In 1998, Rebecca came to Orange County when she and her husband were expecting their first child.

When you ask Rebecca about her journey, she will tell you that her mother was her first healer and mentor, teaching her at a young age not to override the body’s innate healing systems, rather augment them through nutrition, herbs, sleep, and meditation. Rebecca wanted to become a PhD. like her father, but instead made a left turn, pursuing Naturopathy as her career.

She studied Functional Nutrition and Holistic and Herbal Medicine at Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, Calif., under Steve Schechter and Cynthia Leeder and has been blessed by having many mentors along the way. Rebecca received multiple Bachelor of Arts degrees in environmental science, psychology, and sociology from UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Rebecca began her clinical care path by founding her own Clinical & Holistic Nutrition private practice In Newport Beach. It was while visiting Restoration Healthcare as the mother of a patient seeking further treatment for Lyme Disease that Rebecca became impressed with the level of care her daughter received at Restoration Healthcare.

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