Susan Grove

Dr. “Sunny” Raleigh is the most wonderful doctor I have ever had the good fortune to know. She goes the extra mile to try to get to the bottom of what is going on with you from a “whole person” perspective. She is easy-going, accessible, and friendly – all qualities I highly value in a culture that seems to be more and more driven by physicians who are hard to reach, harried and hurried, and unfriendly. Additionally, Dr. Raleigh’s Staff are commendable. They are friendly, outgoing, easy to reach, and also willing to do whatever is necessary to see to your complete care. I highly recommend Dr. Raleigh’s practice.

Raelynn C.

This office and Dr. Raleigh are a rare find in the medical field today. She is willing to spend as much time as she has to understand what is going on with your health and finding the root cause of your issues. It definitely feels like a partnership. I would highly recommend this practice.

Josh J.

Dr. Bakman and his team are always friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They are quick to develop real relationships with their clients and treat them as if they were part of the family. I have seen Dr. Bakman for numerous sports related injuries over the last 10 years and always return to my sport stronger and with a better understanding of how to prevent injuries than before I went in. I gladly recommend Restoration Healthcare to everyone I know.

Wendy G.

Restoration Healthcare has a very calm, soothing feel to it – and an entire staff that treats you with care. They want nothing more than to help you feel better! I feel all this every time I go there.

Chanel E.

My first experience at Restoration Healthcare was amazing! The clinic is clean, neat, and beautifully designed. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by name by multiple staff members and met with a smile. My appointment with Dr. Raleigh was an uplifting experience. She is so warm and receptive. I had no idea how emotional I would be sitting in her office discussing my situation with her. She treated me with the up-most respect and provided not only a listening ear but also a soothing touch and presence to let me know that she was there for me. She seemed genuinely concerned for me and was very compassionate. Her empathy for me made me feel safe in telling her just how I was feeling and she was quickly ready to help me become not only physically well but help me emotionally heal too. As a healthcare professional myself, I play the role in always helping other people get well. It’s not often I take the time to seek out my own care, but Dr. Raleigh made me feel important and made me recognize how crucial it is that I take care of myself first so that I can continue to help others. I have been experiencing multiple areas of pain for several months now and I feel confident that Dr. Raleigh and her team are on my side to figure out why I am in pain and help me get back to the right track of a healthy, pain-free, regular lifestyle again. I would recommend anyone to have a consultation with Dr. Raleigh as she is willing to look beyond just your aliment and tries to decipher what contributing factors may be playing a role in you as a holistic being.

Mario M.

I appreciate having a clinic that knows Lyme Disease and offers Heavy Metals testing, chelation, and accepts Medicare. Friendly staff and nice office.

Jennifer B.

I went in to the office so sick, coughing and weak. Everyone in the office was helpful and so nice to me it gave me hope that I was going to get better. I have experienced the awful cold/flu for 3 weeks and was coughing my brains out. Urgent care had told me that morning there was nothing they could do for me except a cough medicine to reduce the cough (This didn’t work at all by the way). After my consultation and plans for further blood and urine testing I did the “Classic Meyers Cocktail” where I was pumped with vitamins and minerals. Miraculously I woke up this morning feeling like a brand new person. My cough is almost completely gone. I was so depressed and felt like I was never going to get better before I came to the office but now I have so much hope today that I’m on the road to total recovery.

Terry G.

A super experience…friendly, relaxed, very professional and knowledgeable. They way everything was explained was easy to understand. Flexibility in creating a health plan makes services workable for anyone. You will be happy you made the decision to visit Restoration Healthcare.

Shari L., Fountain Valley

Don’t hesitate to come see the professionals at Restoration Healthcare. These guys care about getting to the root cause of what is causing issues for their patients and not just treating symptoms. I came here initially because I already knew Dr. Bakman (the only chiro I trust with my spine!) but now have gotten to work with medical director Dr. Raleigh too, and she is helping me get to the bottom of some other health issues. These guys take the time to get to know you and are committed to Continue reading…

Cathy K., Chino Hills

I came here about 3 months ago from a recommendation of a friend to see Dr Sunny (Raleigh).

I’ve been in treatment for Lyme/coinfections for about 2 years. I was seeing a doctor in Northern California that specialized in Lyme. I prayed for a doctor that was closer to me and one that could help me get my life back.

My prayers were answered with Dr Sunny. Within a couple of visits, she found and addressed several issues that have been holding me back from healing. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met!

I am now a regular at their office, getting Continue reading…